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Bibliography of GLFC sponsored and peer reviewed publications

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I am pleased to present the Great Lakes Fishery Commission's Research Bibliography, a compilation of peer-reviewed research publications supported by the commission. This bibliography is the result of the hard work of Ms. Heather Kirshman, Ms. Nancy Leonard, and Mr. Theodore Lawrence, student fellows at the commission, under the supervision of Science Director Dr. Charles Krueger.

The commission has a long history of publication of its sponsored research and supporting scientific symposia to improve understanding of the Great Lakes and the fisheries they support. This responsibility is from the 1955 Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries between the United States and Canada, which states in Article IV that the commission is:

"(e) to publish or authorize the publication of scientific and other information obtained by the Commission in the performance of its duties."

This bibliography documents the peer-reviewed research publications that the Great Lakes Fishery Commission has partially and fully funded since its formation in 1955. It includes published reports of research sponsored by the Commission and the citations of papers published as a result of Commission-sponsored symposia. The bibliography currently has more than 700 citations. Non-peer reviewed literature and the Commission's technical report and miscellaneous report series are not included in this bibliography.

This resource is available on the commission's website ( and is designed to be a living, searchable resources. It will be updated regularly. Corrections to the bibliography should be sent to Science Director Dr. Charles Krueger via email at (

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission is very proud of the role it plays in supporting research and advancing science in the Great Lakes basin. We hope this bibliography will be useful.

Dr. F.W.H. Beamish
Commissioner and Chair
of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission

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