Coordination Activities Program Research Completion Reports -- GLFC



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*The Science Transfer Program was established in 2006. Prior to STP establishment data/information transfer projects were funded through the Coordiantion Activities Program.


Author(s) Title Size Date
Bailey R.M., W.C. Latta, R.A. Simpson, and G. SmithDistribution maps of Michigan fishes 2001 
Belore, M., Black, J., Chong, S., Cottrill, A., Hoyle, J., Locke, B., Mohr, L., and B. MorrisonReview of assessment programs for Great Lake’s whitefish 2006 
Bence, J. R., and T. O. BrendenEnhancing fishery stock assessment modeling in the Great Lakes 2011 
Bence, J.R. and M.L. JonesReview, updates, and transfer of the SIMPLE model to the Lake Michigan Technical Committee 1999 
Bence, J.R. and N.E. DobieszEstimating forage fish consumption by predators in Lake Huron4,875 KB 2000 
Bence, J.R. and N.E. Dobiesz.Expanding the use of fish models for Lake Huron.290 KB 2004 
Brenden, T.O. and J.X. HeCoordination workshops concerning early mortality of lake trout in the Great Lakes 2010 
Brister, D.J., and A.R. KapuscinskiEnvironmental assessment tool for cage aquaculture in the Great Lakes version 1.17,774 KB 2000 
Brister, D.J., and A.R. KapuscinskiEnvironmental assessment tool for cage aquaculture in the Great Lakes version 1.2. (Miscellaneous publication) 2002 
Bronte, C.R.Report of the Implementation Task Group on mass marking hatchery-reared salmonines in the Great Lakes477 KB 2008 
Brown, T., S.R. LaPan, and A. MathersPublic input to St. Lawrence River fisheries community objectives81 KB 2000 
Dempsey, D., Gannon, J., Shafer, C., and Ugoretz, SConserving Great Lakes aquatic habitat from lake alternation proposals307 KB 2006 
Ebener M.P. and M.T. ArtsWhitefish Natural Mortality Coordination Workshops 2007 
Einhouse, D. W. and L. D. WitzelA new signal processing system for inter-agency fisheries acoustic surveys in Lake Erie127 KB 2003 
ESSAConceptual model of the Lake Ontario fish community: Effects of management actions 1996 
Fleischer, G.W.Fishery acoustics technology training short course1,827 KB 2001 
Glover, D.C., Dettmers, J. and D. ClappLake-wide mark and recapture investigation of Lake Michigan yellow perch: evaluation of interstate movements, spawning site fidelity, spawning population abundance, and sources of mortality 2005 
Gordon, R.R., Loftus, K.K., Eisch, E.A., Fischer, G.J., Wright, G., Van Dam, R.M., Kornis, M.S., Haska, C.C., Blevins, Z.W., Dettmers, J.M., Muir, A.M., Krueger, C.C., and Bronte, C.Transfer of Finnish Coregonine Culture Techniques and a Retrospective Analysis of Restoration Strategies to Advance Coregonine Restoration in the Great Lakes 2017 
Hartig, J.H. and M.A. ZarullDetroit River-Western Lake Erie indicator project 2008 
Hrabik, T.R., Ray, B., Schreiner, D.R., Ebener, M.P., and O. GormanCompilation and analyses of Lake Superior salmonine diets: a multi-agency collaboration1.3 MB 2004 
Johnson, T., L. Hartt, and D.M. MasonConstraints on growth of Lake Superior lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush251 KB 2001 
Johnson, T.B., E. Trometer, and N. PrestonDevelopment of a Lakewide Electronic Database for Lower Trophic Level Monitoring in Lake Erie132 KB 2003 
Johnston, T.A.Intra- and inter-population variability in egg characteristics of walleyes (Stizostedion virteium) 1999 
Jones, M.Decision analysis workshops for percid management on Lake Erie94 KB 2004 
Jones, M., Wright, E., and K. NewmanDecision analysis implementation for percid management on Lake Erie19KB 2004 
Jones, M.L., T.B. Steeves, S.Nowicki, K.F. Robinson, L. Peterson, and A.J. JensenAccounting for potential effects on fish production from barrier removals to inform management decisions: An application of structured decision making 2017 
Kapucinski, A.R. and L. MillerDNA-based markers for assessment of genetic population structure in yellow perch92 KB 2000 
Kelso, J.R.M.A bibliography of the Maori fishery for lampreys in New Zealand 1996 
Kelso, J.R.M.Methods used to capture lampreys, Geotria australis, in New Zealand5,037 KB 1996 
Koonce, J.F., C.K. Minns, and H.A. MorrisonA methodology for identifying and classifying Aquatic Biodiversity Investment Areas: application to the Great Lakes basin 1999 
Koonce, J.F., C.K. Minns, and H.A. MorrisonBiodiversity investment areas: aquatic ecosystems. Aquatic Biodiversity Investment Areas in the Great Lakes basin: identification and validation. July 1999. 1999 
Leete, D. and L.A. McLymanTeambuilding manual 2001 
Li, W. and C. B. ReesEffects of Low Level Aquatic Contaminants on Lake Trout1.45 MB 2003 
Liskauskas, A. Johnson, J., McKay, M., Gorenflo, T., Woldt, A., and J. Bredin.DRAFT Environmental Objectives for Lake Huron: Draft Report of the Environmental Objectives Working Group of the Lake Huron Technical Committee990 KB 2004 
Lodge, D.Predicting the identity, spread, and impact of future nonindigenous species in the Great Lakes203 KB 2003 
Mandrak, N.Development of a Great Lakes fish distribution database and web-based atlas of Great Lakes fishes571 KB 2004 
Marcquenski, S.Preparation of Materials for Agencies' Use in Briefing Anglers, Baitfish Operators, and Fish Farmers on Heterosporis and Containment Measures167 KB 2005 
McLaughlin, R., M.L. Jones, N.E. Mandrak, and D. StaceyFishMap on-line: a web application supporting science-based decisions concerning fish movement and passage 2010 
McLyman, L.A. and D. LeeteRetooling work groups, teams, and meetings2,840 KB 2001 
Meixler, M.S., N.E. Mandrak, and R.L. McLaughlinWeb based watershed atlas for fishes of the Great Lakes 2011 
Mills, E.L., Holeck, K., MacIsaac, H., and I. Grigorovich.Biological invasions in the Laurentian Great Lakes: an analysis of ship vectors 2002 
Ontario Ministry of Natural ResourcesGreat Lakes Lake Whitefish-Diporeia Workshop3,928 KB 2002 
Patterson, W. and T. StewartDetermine the level of Chinook salmon wild production in Lake Ontario from 1991-2000345KB 2002 
Plumb, J.A.A guide to the integrated management of warm-water and cool-water fish diseases in the Great Lakes Basin372 KB 2002 
Reeves, E.Exotics and public policy in the Great Lakes: The results of a workshop at the Biennial Great Lakes Water Quality Forum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 23 and 26 September 199972 KB 1999 
Reeves, E.Analysis of laws and policies concerning exotic invasions of the Great Lakes 1999 
Reeves, E.Exotic policy: An IJC white paper on policies for the prevention of the invasion of the Great Lakes by exotic organisms 1999 
Reid, K.The decline of American eel (Anguilla rostrata) in the Lake Ontario/St. Lawrence River ecosystem: A modeling approach to identification of data gaps and research priorities (appendices available upon request) 2001 
Rogers, M.W. and D.B., BunnellGreat Lakes ECOPATH modeling workshops 2011 
Rutherford, E. and the Environmental Objectives Working Group of the Lake Michigan Technical CommitteeDraft Environmental Objectives for Lake Michigan469 KB 2004 
Rutherford, E. S., Wang, H. Y., C. A. GeddesCompilation and analysis of Lake Erie spatial fisheries data: a proposal to develop inter-agency geo-referenced database of fishery and tagging data to permit spatial analysis of walleye and yellow perch data 2006 
Rutherford, E.S.., Iacono, J.D., Callaham, G.Evaluation of Marking Procedures to Estimate Natural Reproduction of Chinook Salmon in Lake Michigan244 KB 2002 
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Schertzer, W., D. Lam, R. McCrimmon, and O. ReslerEvaluation of water temperature simulation capability for Lake Erie from 1-d and 3-d models for possible long-term thermal habitat analysis applications7,001 KB 2000 
Schneider, C. and J. PeckGreat Lakes fisheries vessels: Status of the fleet and evaluation of assessment and research needs1,250 KB 2001 
Schreiner, D., Cullis, K., and J. SchuldtLake Superior Coaster Brook Trout Initiative85 KB 2004 
Sitar, S.P., J.R. Bence, and W.W. TaylorLake trout cohort-populations models for the main basin of Lake Huron (Estimation of sea lamprey predation on lake trout in U.S. and Canadian waters of Lake Huron)0.5 MB 1996 
Stephens, C.Environmental risk assessment workshop410 KB 2002 
Stewart, T., C. Lake, C. Wilson, M. Desjardins, J. Bowlby, and A. ToddManagement implications of Lake Ontario Atlantic salmon restoration science.  2015 
Szalai, E. and J. Bence.Review of Procedures for Estimating Wild Production of Chinook Salmon Through Marking Experiments: Evaluation of Needed Sampling of Marked Fish on Lake Michigan 2002 
Traynor, D., A.H. Moerke, and R.W. Greil Identification of Michigan fishes using cleithra 2010 
Tulen, L.Addressing concerns for water quality impacts from large-scale Great Lakes aquaculture 1999 
Wilson, C., Stott, W., Miller, L., and B. Sloss.Coordination of Lake Superior Brook trout Genetic Research270 KB 2005 
Yule, D. L., J. V. Adams, T. R. Hrabik, L. Gl. Rudstam, D. M. Warner, B. Weidel, R. M. Claramunt, P. M. Kocovsky, P. J. Sullivan, L. D. Wizel, and B. PientkaStandardization of Great Lakes acoustic ground-truthing workshop 2011 
Yule, D., L. Rudstam, S. Parker-Stetter, D. Warner, R. Claramunt, P. SullivanWorkshop on Great Lakes Acoustic Standard Operationg Procedure 2008