Fishery Research Program Research Completion Reports -- GLFC

Note: Abstracts are available for All reports (click the link to view). Full reports are available from the Commission upon request.

Author(s) Title Size Date
Adlerstein, S.Lake Trout Trofic Ecology in Little Moose Lake, N.Y. 2002 
Adlerstein, S., E. Rutherford, S.C. Riley, R. Hass, M. Thomas, D. Fielder, J. Johnson, J. He, and L. MohrEvaluation of integrated long-term catch data from routine surveys for fish population assessment in Lake Huron, 1973-2004 2007 
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Binder, T.R., Miehls, S. M., and Krueger, C. C.Feasibility of using oviduct tagging with acoustic transmitters to determine spawning time and habitat of lake trout in the Drummond Island Refuge1075KB 2014 
Boyle, J.ADiagnosis of the disease agent in epizootic epithelial disease1075KB 1991 
Brammeier, J., I. Polls, and S. MackeyPreliminary Feasibility of Ecological Separation of the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes to Prevent the Transfer of Aquatic Invasive Species 2008 
Branson, C., J. Bulkley, W. Drake, and J. DianaGreat Lakes policy exercise: Lake St. Clair feasibility study project completion report 1989 
Brenden, T.O. and J.R. BenceA model based evaluation of how stocking Oncorhynchus influences the fish communities of Lakes Huron and Ontario 2009 
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Brown, S., and D. HoneyfieldEMS research and information coordination meetings: Early Mortality Syndrome Workshop Proceedings 2006 and 2004 
Bunnell, D.B., J. G. Mychek-Londer, J. S. Diana, W. Stott, and C. P. MadenjianEvaluating the negative effect of benthic egg predators on bloater recruitment in northern Lake Michigan 2012 
Callicott, J.B., E.J. Crossman, L. Crowder, B. Cumore-Vokey, L. Eby, and K. MumfordProceedings of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission Biodiversity Workshop for Citizens: Biodiversity Task presentations and discussion summaries9,083 KB 1998 
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Chow-Fraser, P.Binational GIS Database of Coastal Wetlands for Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence: A Demonstration Project (appendices available upon request) 2002 
Chow-Fraser, P., Seilheimer, T., Wei, A., and S. McNairEcosystem-based assessment of fish habitat in coastal wetlands of the Great Lakes 2003 
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Clemens, B.J. and D. StevensBuoyancy Strategies of the Bloater (Coregonus hoyi Gill)4.75 MB 2002 
Cooke, S. J., K. J. Murchie, S. McConnachie and T. GoldbergStandardized surgical procedure for the implantation of electronic tags in key Great Lakes fishes – Version 1.0. 2012 
Corkum, L.D. and T.B. JohnsonTest of Pheromone Traps to Capture the Invasive Round Goby 2007 
Crowder, L., J. B. Callicott, E. Crossman, B. Cudmore-Vokey, L. Eby, and K. MumfordSummary report: Examining the role of biodiversity in managing Great Lakes fishery resources 1998 
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Dunlop, E.S. and M.D. RennieEvaluation of changes in lake whitefish feeding habits 2013 
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Eshenroder, R. L., C. R. Bronte, and J. W. PeckComparison of lake trout-egg survival at inshore and offshore and shallow-water and deepwater sites in Lake Superior 1994 
ESSAImplement the SIMPLE Model in a MS windows environment 1994 
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Faisal, M.Mycobacteriosis: A potential threat to Great Lakes fisheries 2005 
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Goetz, F.W. and S.P. SitarMorphological, physiological and genetic differentiation of lake trout morphotypes from Lake Superior 2013 
Goetz, F.W., S.P. Sitar, C.R. Bronte, and P. SwansonThe reproductive cycle of Lake Superior siscowet lake trout 2010 
Gore, M.L., S.J. Riley, and B.A. MuterImproving decision-making in contentious Great Lakes fishery management 2009 
Gorman, O. and T. D. KeylerA hyperbaric holding& transport vessel for collection of deepwater fishes for research and broodstock development 2016 
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