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The Success of Sea Lamprey Control

Sea lamprey control is an investment in our fishery and our environment. We know the destructive power of the sea lamprey. Without sea lamprey control, the fishery would not exist as we know it. Today, the fishery is worth up to $7 billion annually to the people of Canada and the United States. Nearly 5 million people fish the Great Lakes annually and the fishery support tens of thousands of jobs. Sea lamprey control is a major contributor to this valuable fishery.

Overall, the sea lamprey control program has been tremendously successful. Although lamprey populations fluctuate (like any species), ongoing control efforts have resulted in a 90% reduction of sea lamprey populations in most areas of the Great Lakes, creating a healthy environment for fish survival and spawning.

Sea lamprey control is the cornerstone of fishery management. State, provincial, tribal, and federal agencies rely on sea lamprey control for the success of their stocking and fisheries rehabilitation efforts. Indeed, without sea lamprey control, stocking would be futile and fisheries rehabilitation would be fruitless.

Sea lamprey control also contributes to a healthy Great Lakes environment, promoting stability in the fish communities.

Although it is impossible to completely rid the Great Lakes of sea lampreys, through continued cooperation and support, we can keep their populations at levels that lessen the impact to our fishery.
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