U.S. Advisors

The Great Lakes Fisheries Act of 1956 authorized the appointment of advisors to the U.S. Section of the commission "to examine and be heard on all proposed recommendations, programs, and activities relating to [the lake they represent]." The U.S. Section appoints advisors from each lake from a list provided by the Great Lakes state governors. Consideration is given to interests of state agencies, the commercial fish industry, sport fishermen, and the public-at-large.

United States Advisors Terms of Reference

Canadian Advisors

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission appoints a Canadian committee of advisors, made up of key stakeholders and leaders in the region. The advisors examine and are heard on issues of importance to the Great Lakes fishery and ecosystem. They assist the commissioners in making informed decisions in support of Commission objectives.

Canadian Advisors Terms of Reference

Members (United States)

  • Dennis Grinold, Chair
  • Don Arcuri, Vice Chair, Lower Lakes
  • Paul Jensen, Vice Chair, Upper Lakes
  • Peter Alex
  • Charles Blaas
  • Randy Claramunt
  • Brad Eggold**
  • Michael Estes
  • Jim Francis**
  • Lee Haasch
  • Patrick Hanchin**
  • Travis Hartman
  • Charles Haslerud
  • Justine Hasz
  • Matthew Hehn
  • Jeff Herr
  • Dennis Hickey
  • Eric Hirzel
  • Craig Hoopman
  • Steve LaPan
  • Thomas Lauer
  • Chris Legard
  • Dan Makauskas **
  • Andy Mikos *
  • Ashley Moerke
  • Jennifer Nalbone
  • Dave Nihart
  • Eric Obert
  • Judy Ogden
  • Charles Pistis
  • Bruce Prentice
  • Jeremy Price **
  • Michael Ptak
  • Jason Robinson
  • Michael Ryan
  • Vic Santucci
  • Patrick Schmalz
  • Phil Schneeberger
  • Steve Scott
  • Titus Seilheimer
  • Stuart Sivertson
  • Danny Tanner
  • Jay Wesley **
  • Tod Williams
  • Jim Zorn

Members (Canada)

  • Dr. Tom Whillans, Chair
  • Mr. John Jackson, Vice Chair
  • Dr. David Browne
  • Mr. Matt DeMille
  • Dr. Cherie-Lee Fietsch
  • Mr. Jim Ginn
  • Ms. Jane Graham
  • Mr. Brad McNevin
  • Mr. Sydney Nadjiwon
  • Mr. George Purvis
  • Ms. Deborah (Debbie) Rivard

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