Science Transfer Toolkit

The toolkit below provides products developed through the Science Transfer Program. These materials are free to download and use. If you have questions about any of these resources, please contact the science program.

Interactive tool for visualizing fish stocking events and recoveries in the Great Lakes

Cottrill, A.


From fish movement to knowledge movement: Understanding and improving science transfer related to telemetry

Project leader: Cooke, S.

Two women on a boat beside a dock performing surgery on a fish


Uses and Limitations of Environmental DNA (eDNA) in Fisheries Management

Project leader: Welsh, A.


Alternative barrier technologies: History as a control tool

Project leader: Zielinski, D.


Changes in nutrient status and energy flow through lower trophic levels: Implications for Great Lakes fishery managers

Project leader: Stewart, T.


Accounting for potential effects on fish production from barrier removals to inform management decisions: an application of structured decision making.

Project leader: Jones, M.